Revamping this blog

Hi there. For anyone reading this blog, I want you to know I’ve not abandoned it. I am in the midst of finding a way to convey the journey I’m on but to be more current. Reading something I wrote in December 2017 doesn’t give you a clue as to what I’m feeling or thinking now. But to do a catch-up of six months of journal writing would take me forever I’m afraid. So I’m not sure that’s how I want to proceed.

If you want to share any ideas you have with me about what you might find interesting to read about my journey, please comment. I really appreciate constructive input!

Until I get my thinking aligned with my feeling, I may not be publishing more of my spiritual journal. But I promise to be back. Thank you for reading.

Journal Entry: 29 December 2017

Our most driving need is the need to create.

It is what drives the Sum Consciousness, it is growth; creation is the most fundamental need/desire/obligation (? yes, obligation) of the Universe. It show up in all of our human cultural stories – those Stories of Creation. It is an almost singular drive when it is expressed as reproduction in human terms. But creation is more than reproduction.

Creation is the primal act of making something – human ingenuity when necessity is mother; the desire to build knowledge; works of art; pragmatic art; fine art; art for art’s sake that has no users or admirers except in the eye of the maker. It is as much about why seniors find coloring in coloring books as enjoyable as do children – it is an act of creation!

In the womb, we create and co-create with the Universe and, more locally, with our mothers, to make ourselves. Outside the womb, we create our selves as we learn, grow, mature in physical, mental, and spiritual ways.

Creation is the act of the Sum Consciousness. And the Sum C having created itself and created individual beings, continues the act of creation through the collection of experiences of individual consciousnesses. This act of creation is universal as all beings do it and desire it. Things are physical acts of creation; emotions are energetic or mental acts of creation; and self is a spiritual act of creation.

It’s interesting to think about Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” in this context. He talked about creation as part of the pyramid (hierarchy) of needs, but we don’t see it in the graphic representations of it (at least I haven’t seen many representations of it). At the bottom of the pyramid there are the “physiological needs” that must be met. At the top of the pyramid is “self-actualization.” Several layers in-between provide insight into the other things we all need to survive and thrive – safety, love and belonging, and esteem.

A pyramid of needs starts with very basic needs at the bottom - physiological. Going up the pyramid are other layers including safetry, love and belonging, esteem and at the top self-actualization
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Graphic by factoryjoe.

Where does creation fit in this pyramid? In my mind’s eye, creation appears as a golden light that acts as a shaft of light up through the center of the pyramid. It holds the pyramid together and distributes light throughout. This might look more like a tree, particularly a pine tree with a trunk and branches extending outward. Still within a pyramid shape.

Another visualization might be the hierarchy pyramid completely surrounded by a golden light. The golden light is creation, and as such, permeates all the levels of the hierarchy. For example, people figure out how to get the things they need to survive – food, clothing, and shelter. The “figuring-out” part is what is creation. You can take every level of the pyramid and apply the idea of creation to that level. But whether it is a shaft of light that stabilizes and illuminates the pyramid or a golden light that completely surrounds it, the idea is the same – we are supreme creators of our lives.

But I have also said that life is an act of co-creation, so what’s that about?

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Journal Entry: 28 December 2017

“We co-create with the Universe.”

Reproductive components of a desert plant. Possibly aloe.
Not technically a tree, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist adding it!

I found another book to read that is a channeled message from beings far from our physical location here on Earth. The group of beings goes by the name “Frank,” which I think makes it easier for us to consider what they have to say. Their names (individually and collectively) may be too difficult to pronounce, or so outside of our bounds, that we would be unable to keep them straight. This is the way I think about Russian literature – all those names of all those people…. geesh.

That’s an interesting thing to ponder – “alien” names evoke fear in some people, many people perhaps, and the name Frank (in American English) is sort of low key, nonthreatening (at least to me). So if you are a group of beings who are gentle and want to make contact without frightening everyone, then selecting a name like Frank would probably work ok. I’ve only read the preface by Mike Molloy. I guess he’s a fairly familiar well-known spirit teacher from here on Earth, though his name is not immediately familiar to me. I’m interested in seeing what the Frank is going on!  🙂

Listening to Mythosophia podcast with Jeffrey Kripal talk about the many experiences Mark Twain had involving clairvoyance – his brother’s death and funeral as well as several others. Twain had enough experiences that he wrote an anonymous essay for Harper’s Magazine about it. They rejected the article because he wouldn’t put his name on it. Well, they didn’t reject it outright! But in the end, he didn’t put his name on it and I don’t believe it was ever published.

Twain became very interested in communication technologies of the time – the telegraph and the burgeoning study of radio. He thought these were parallels to his telepathic experiences. Then Kripal said something really caught my ear – he said that it could only go so far in parallel because energy of the electromagnetic spectrum degrades over distance but thought-energy does not. It is interesting that the two types are compared at all – one being in the realm of science as provable fact (electromagnetic spectrum) and the other being thought-energy which is known but still cannot be proven. We don’t have any instrumentation that can detect or measure thought-energy. Actually, that may not be entirely true – if research is correct, there is a correlation between types of brain waves and recordings of jumps of a needle responding to those brain waves. Scientists seem to think there’s a connection between brain waves and thoughts, though the mind may not be concerned with the brain at all!

So I think I had this in mind when I was cruising around Amazon (not cruising around THE Amazon – the other Amazon) for a book to read. I know I have a lot of books already but… that’s how I am. I should get rid of some of those I will likely not read ever. But I digress…

So in Frank’s book, they are like eight billion or trillion light years from Earth and are making contact with an Earthling who can translate or transfer knowledge into written form. Physically, for us, the degradation of “physical” energy would be such that we could probably not have contact with Frank from our side. Eight billion light years is a long way. But energetically – with no decrease in strength of signal – we could have communications with other beings. If we knew how to do so. I guess having a book shows that someone knows how to do it!

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Journal Entry: 27 December 2017

The following needs citations, which I will find and add:

person holding string lights photo
Photo by David Cassolato on

Listening to the podcast, “Mythosophia” and an interview with Jeffrey Kripal. He said some neuroscientists believe consciousness is actually a product of mind. That mind is a by-product of physical activity or phenomenon in the brain. There’s a belief that consciousness does not include choice.

OR… consciousness is filtered through the brain and interpreted by the mind. Greater than the sum of its parts (gestalt?) – the “Greater Consciousness” that filters through to individual consciousness per being, yet is not diminished in totality by the division into individual experiences. It is collecting individual experiences of consciousness to either grow toward something, or to simply have those experiences, or both.

[Using the word] “It” would imply an entity. “It” is having individual experiences, but what if “It” was all of us? “Hive” mentality for the entire universe?

[Using the word] “Hive” – would that mean no individual consciousness? Is a hive without pluralism? That is, is going with the collective thought (consciousness) mean without dissent? Is there choice, free will within the Hive? Maybe I’m thinking too much like the “Borg” (from Star Trek TV series) for understanding this mentality. And it is, in this case, “mentality” which may not be the right description.

Sum Consciousness – has anyone written about it as a sum of all consciousness? Instead of using the word Greater (as in Greater Consciousness), which might imply an entity, Sum used in this context could signify a gestalt. The dictionary defines gestalt as a unified whole, which would mean that the whole has parts. Which does lead back to the idea that there is a collective consciousness that is not a singular entity but is all the entities AND “greater” than individual entities. I’m having a problem with the word “greater” because it can imply superior, which is a judgement of other.

When it all comes down to it, the Universe is always telling us it is about love. This thought returns to me again and again while I’m writing this but also just when I’m thinking; musing; having a thought experiment (thank you, Ursula LeGuin). Love is what is carried on light, filtered for individual entities because it is bigger than what we could take in. So the Sum Consciousness is bigger than what we could take in as well! And encompasses love. It must also encompass the opposite of love because we could not know love without having what is called “foreground/background.” This, I think, is also a Zen principle. Love and not-love. How could you distinguish what is love if there also wasn’t not-love?

I think I need to take some time to see if my ideas hold any weight. So I’m going to stop writing for now. This not only needs citations, but it needs refinement.

Blessings, S

One Tree One Forest

Journal Entry: 26 December 2017

Some things may be starting to come together in my understanding of life.

Ha! So funny to write that out!

Maybe I should be more specific. I am feeling my way around my thoughts about life, death and multiple dimensions. It is difficult of course to find words to match my feelings and thinking. The point is that perhaps if we are multidimensional beings that are simultaneously living out “lives,” then we are experiencing all things, all events, all life – all the time.

Since I’m not very good at multitasking (all things all the time…), my attention when I am bound to Earth-energy is on the physical, emotional, and mental body that is also Earth-bound. So my attention is on what is happening to me at this time-bound moment here on Earth.

But it could very well be that if I exist in multiple dimensions, or outside of “dimension” completely, then I could be paying close attention to life in that other dimension. I could be in some other galaxy thinking thoughts about the galaxy I’m in right now and wondering if I’m writing about my other dimensional experiences!

Woman's image is repeated over and over in an infinity mirror
This is an example of an infinity mirror. This is not me, this is a woman named Tanya Hart. Her flickr photo is Mirror Mirror, CC BY-SA 2.0

I feel like I’m looking in one of those infinity mirrors, where my image goes on for infinity. The “self” in the mirror remains the same but the “image” of self changes position as it appears to go on into infinity.

So now let’s take my fear of death – my ego thinks it is the only one in here (in this body). And, I guess, in this Earth-energy, it is the only consciousness I have. But it isn’t necessarily the only ego. I may have other egos in other lives in other dimensions. I’m just not aware of my own awareness in other dimensions [just so you know, I’m not high while I’m writing this although it may sound like it]. So when my Earth body dies, my Earth ego does too because it was only serving a purpose for this dimension – the Earth dimension.

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Journal Entry: 25 December 2017

So I was looking through the choice of books by Christine Downing in the Pacifica Institute online bookstore after having heard her interviewed in the podcast, Mythosophia. I had the realization that I’ve been searching for some author to give me clues as to myself! Something to connect me to what I’m able to learn about me by being with me. All the goddesses, all the myths, all the desire to understand spirit and spiritual truth – it can all be found inside. Or, at least, that’s what they tell me.

Carolyn Myss wrote an essay on writing about spiritual truths from her perspective. She shared this on her website. There are twelve of what she considers the “Greatest Spiritual Truths.” I won’t add them to this post because I think that might be a violation of copyright [I wrote them in my journal for my use] and I think it is good to review them if you’ve not read them before.

This is one of the first times I’ve read Carolyn Myss’ writing. It is very to the point, which feels like my head after I brush my hair upside down. She has helped an enormous number of people and is one of the bringers of light and love.

Read her for yourself.

Journal Entry: 24 December 2017

Fact and factoid post alert! The following are more or less notes I made while skipping rope about the internet.

A chameleon walking up a tree branch in a butterfly conservatory.
This is neither a hoptoad nor a tuna.

Hop-Tu-Naa (not to be confused with Hoptoad Tuna) is the ancient new year’s celebration on the Isle of Man and is Celtic in origin. 31 October is the nearest Gregorian calendar date. The Isle of Man New Year was known as Oie Houney. Which I like saying even though I am probably not even close to pronouncing it correctly. It reminds me of Hoi Polloi, another phrase I like saying, and which I thought was just another way of saying hoity-toity. After that it gets sort of complicated with who originally said what.

Just a couple of those interesting facts that deserves to be typed out in a blog.

“God” as a job title not a person or deity! Love it. This is from, Do Pagans Believe in God? by Patti Wigington, 25/11/17. God as a job title! That is so funny-weird and cool. “God as a job title and not a proper name” is the direct quote. Some more interesting facts – pagans may differ from Wicca in beliefs and rituals. I did not know that. And apparently, there are people who identify as christian witches and practice magic within the framework of the christian religion. That must be a long and complicated history, given what happened to so many women (and men) who, accused of witchcraft, were tortured and killed at the hands of mainly the Roman catholic church (which I believe falls into the religious category of christianity). Funny, how so little notice is given to that genocide. Sort of like the genocide of people who lived in North and South America before the arrival of the Europeans, eh?

Wicca is a specific religion. There are different traditions of Wicca and each follows and honors the deities of that tradition. Pagans, on the other hand, follow an Earth- or nature-based belief system so there’s no deity.

“Wicca is not about believing, it is about experiencing – and thus not against science. Experience for yourself, you are expected to ask questions. Learn. Challenge the world – in the end what you come to know is what you believe. Challenge the Universe to reveal itself.” – Phyllis Curott at

I really like what she said about challenging the Universe to reveal itself. I don’t think it is really too much of a challenge. In fact, it is sort of a challenge to ignore the Universe. Unfortunately, many people are up to that particular challenge. Doesn’t take much to see the ignorance in action…