ChapterBuzz: Getting out there

Image of a honeybee sitting on a leaf

If you’ve not been to ChapterBuzz, you should go. Well, I mean, after you read my post.

Right now (or should I say Write now!), there is a writing challenge taking place for the month of October. Authors are challenged to write 10,000 (10K) words by the end of the month.

I’ve taken on the challenge and am currently at about 5,000 words! I just hope the next 5,000 come as easily as the first and that they come before the 31 days are up.

I needed a challenge to make me stop dreaming about being an author and actually acting like one. You can view my profile – WriteOnTime – and start reading my novel-in-progress, “Ariadne’s Diaspora.” While you are there, feel free to post comments about each chapter. This is a work in progress and I’m new to writing (for public consumption), so I appreciate constructive feedback and even a good ol’ pat on the back.

There are currently over 125 authors in the 10K challenge, so you have plenty of choices to read other aspiring writers. And who’s managing all of this? Check out What Inspires Your Writing? and Books&Buzz eZine on WordPress,  Tim on Twitter to see more. If you are interested, I think you can still get in on the 10K challenge. There’s about 3 weeks left in October, soooo yeah, plenty of time to write. Believe me, it feels so good to be moving ahead, to conquer fears about being liked as an author, and plain and simply, just writing!

Image credit: Charles J Sharp, Honey bee, CC BY-SA 3.0, from Wikimedia Commons

Old enough to go it on my own

Child on bike with training wheels

Hey! Glad you found me. I am beginning a new adventure – putting my writing online in WordPress. Yeah, me and 100,000+ other bloggers. Oh boy.

My intent is to make myself work hard to get my stories out there for people to read. Fifty-plus years ago when I asked my mom to take the training wheels off my bike so it was just me holding up it, feet slipping on the pedals, shaky hands on the handlebars, I know fear rode along. But so did freedom – Oh! Ecstatic, exhilarating freedom.

So it is now – me, giving my stories a little push to get started, knowing my work might finally be old enough to be riding out there on its own. No matter how many crashes into bushes, wobbly stops and starts, no matter how many scraped knees – my stories will have no need for training wheels. Fear be damned. Oh! Freedom!


Image credit: Max Pixel, license: CC0