New Journal New Journey

This is a new journal I’ve decided to start after my reading by Sarah. I know I’ve started many journals and have left half-full journals laying around, waiting for more writing.

This journal may be the same. Or, I may also have inspiration like I feel right now, so there’s perhaps more than one being flowing through me. I’m not saying I’ll be contacting ghosts or other dimensional beings – though I’m not completely ruling that out – but I am suggesting, maybe to myself more than anyone else that I have the ability to tap into the larger “truth” through “spirit” and that the Universe is so so so so much bigger than we’ve imagined, that just maybe this universal, larger spirit will also flow out of my head, my hand and onto these pages.

So I begin this journal listening to the recording Sarah made for me after reading my chart. My chart comes from a type of spiritual interpretation of my soul contract. My soul contract is what I’ve decided to have as goals for this lifetime and the karma I am attempting to overcome. The interpretation is based on an ancient connection between language – in the form of letters, namely a person’s name – and associated numbers, which are universal [even in our limited interpretation of universal]. Numbers serve as “seed” or core…. sounds? entities? thoughts? I don’t know what to call them yet. Maybe eventually I will be able to say what they are. Maybe I’ll help myself this way – numbers are the primal “feelings” of the universe or of spirit. Manifestation. They are seeds that manifest. OK, I’ll let that ride for awhile. [smiley face]

I’ll talk about some things in my chart but not in any particular order – just what comes to mind. One thing my contract said is that I should work on just letting things flow, so that’s what I plan to do! Idea: that the physical problem I developed over the last couple of years – paroxysmal afib – may be due to the underlying spiritual blockage. Now, I’ve had this thought before, so it is not exactly new. But this is a new interpretation – that what I before believed was something to do with my heart chakra -> heart to heart <- may actually be due to blockage of my sacral chakra. My chart shows that I need to focus on the second chakra (sacral) to make sure it is balanced. Maybe it is not balanced, maybe it is blocked.

So what’s the connection? When I was first diagnosed as having afib, I read about it and along the way [you can find anything on the web], I discovered that some researchers believe that there’s a connections between the vagus nerve and afib. The vagus nerve provides the electrical current/energy for both the intestines and the heart. It, of course, is much more complex than that, but when I feel the need to relieve myself, I also have a “skip” feeling in my heart, like a palpitation. Usually it is only one or maybe only two to three seconds of hard pounding and irregular beats. I’ve discovered that once I go, it stops the afib. That nerve serves both the heart electrical system and the digestive system.

So if I then connect that thought to the spiritual aspect of chakras, the chakra system indicates that the three lower body chakras are the basis for the entire system. The sacral chakra when blocked, manifests as problems with the bladder, gut, and sometimes the reproductive/sexual organs. So if I have a disconnect between my sacral chakra and my body, it stand to reason [to me anyways] that there’s a connection to the vagus nerve.

Maybe “blocked” is not the correct word to use – maybe imbalance is better. An imbalance would indicate that energy could still get through but just in fits and starts – like a clogged squirt bottle when you squeeze it too hard – nothing, nothing, then bam! too much all at once [this makes it sound like I have constipation, but I don’t!]. Then a flow for awhile until it becomes clogged again. From an energetic standpoint, maybe this is what happens to me at the crossroads of spirit and the physical world. My chakra is out of balance and gets clogged. The vagus nerve is the “squeeze bottle” physically to my heart and my bowels. Because there is so much force behind the clog, all the pent up energy is too much, too fast for my physical body and in this case, my heart. So bam! the squeeze bottle releases. I’ll have to explore more fully the connections between the sacral and heart chakras (if there is one, which I’m pretty sure there is).