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Soul Symbols

Note: There is an auspiciousness to 11-11, that I did not consciously know about in November 2017. Though when I look at what I wrote, I think the seeds were there….

I have a paper copy of my chart printed. The soul contract, based on numbers, connected to universal meanings behind numbers, is a bit of a mystery to me.

Different than other interpretative methods I’ve been exposed to, but it also has some symbols, some of which are like other symbols I’ve seen. Symbols feel more familiar to me than numbers. I’m sure that both the numbers and symbols contain a sacred geometry that I don’t yet know.

So here are some of the associations I’ve made with the symbols in my soul contract chart:

    • part of a hexagon shape and interconnected border = patterns and connectedness
    • a seed coming to life
    • mystery to be explored; deep seat of the soul
    • structure; sacred patterns repeat
    • free flow; let go
    • things come around but are never the same

These all appear with number associations and within the double triangle, often called the Star of David.

Note: The next two pages in the journal are free-association of information while listening to the recording Sarah made. It would be difficult to put any of it down here because sometimes it is a word written sideways or arrows running between two thoughts, etc. So I won’t be adding those pages at this time.

Third page:
Sound blessing associated with my reading contained ho-ho-ho as part of the light language of the sound blessing [not like Santa Claus, more of an outpouring of breath]. I believe I’ve heard/seen this in Buddhist prayers or invocations as well. Since Buddhist prayers/mantras work with vibration, this makes sense that it might also show up in other places – it’s all connected. Listening to the whole of it made me think of Native American language or chanting. As far as I know, there’s a strong physical/genetic connection between tribes of the US (North American) and people in Tibet.