Choosing BE Over DO

Here’s a problem that everyone seems to have and I have it too: No time. I feel like I have no time.

Which is sort of the opposite of being in the Now; being present. I think about how much I have to do – want to do – I  think getting up at 5:30 am is not early enough. I’ve not touched my story since the end of October and if I don’t go back to it, I’ll lose it forever. I’ve abandoned my characters and they will walk away to find another story teller.

Since I got my soul reading back from Sarah, I’ve felt the urge to write both in this journal and in a much more shareable way such as a blog. Sharing is a key element of the reading. So maybe not blogging, but I still need to think about how to allow the universe, spiritual ideas, intuition to manifest in a way that I’m sharing them. What occurs to me – planted as a thought by a guiding spirit? Is to trust that it will come. That’s because as I’m writing this, the thought that I don’t want ego to take over, is occurring at the same time. How do I accomplish my spiritual goals without ego taking over? I realize I’m very ego-driven – that’s where the “do, do, do” comes in.

Here’s what my day could be like: write in my spirit journey journal when I get up while having tea. Take a walk for my heart health, consider listening to podcasts or Audible while doing so. Come home, take Polly for a walk in the park or around town. Come back, start work day, run errands at lunch, or take a walk. Back to work until 5 pm. Cook dinner or do other chores. Eat dinner, more chores or watch tv to spend time with C.

I could stop doing any one of these things or any number of these things to “have more time.” But time to do what? What’s important?

Here’s my list of important things to me:
Time with C
Time with Polly
Time with friends
Time with family that live far away
Time to be just with me – listening, loving, sharing, laughing

TIME to BE – that’s it isn’t it? Doing isn’t the real part. BEing is. To BE with someone. I keep thinking I can save time, but that’s an illusion. I can LET GO of the “do” to save time for the “be” is the only way to save time. Saving is an illusion, it’s not storing it up – not that kind of saving. It’s choosing BE over DO. If I let go of doing then I can have as much being as I can handle!

I’m forgetting that I also like to spend time (see! save time, spend time, ha!) with Jones, Butter and Leo. But fortunately, cats are pretty flexible – they are often willing to sit on my lap while I do other things. Leo is on my lap as I write this. Also, we have an aquarium with fish and also goldfish in the pond. They don’t need the same level of attention but they deserve attention and love. Fortunately, they don’t need to sit on my lap.

Then there’s work – needs a lot of my attention and I have relationships with my coworkers and they need my support and help as much as I need theirs.

So TIME was the big issue today and with that in mind, I’m going to stop writing now so I have time with those I love.

Blessings, Susan