One Tree One Forest

I’ve selected a title for a blog that I hope to be writing as a way of sharing with the world my views on life, nature, and truth. Propagating spiritual truths as I see them. However, I have to try hard to not try too hard!

One Tree One Forest

What do I mean by one tree, one forest exactly? Well “exactly” is probably not going to work. I don’t want it to be overtaken by christian symbolism, which of course, are actually ancient women’s or Earth-loving symbols for nature, Wicca, Druids, etc.

One Tree >> understanding self

One Forest >> understanding our selves – all of us – all beings – all life

One tree
One blade of grass
One human
A field of grass
A forest
A species
One planet
Our only planet
One truth
One soul
One journey
Our journey

I don’t follow the Christ religion, the Mohamed religion, or the Moses religion. I don’t want to name what I believe as the Goddess religion because it sounds like Goddess just replaces God in language. I’d never [never say never!] introduce myself by a label of religion. I believe the core of all organized forms is love.

What is “Goddess”? What is worship for that matter? Guiding principles? Belief in what a single person wrote or what s/he stood for? There’s something that draws us to wanting to draw conclusions about things. We need finalization, categorization, labelization.