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Tertons and Treasure

First tattoo. Ever.

Did not hurt so much – I mean, I’ve had mammograms that were more painful! Granted, they were small. The tattoo figures. It only took the tattoo artist – Jess – about twenty minutes to complete. Taken from two ancient drawings on pot shards of Earth- and Goddess-worshipping Eastern Europeans. One is a leaping dog, the other likely a running lion, don’t know for sure…. Thank you, Marja Gimbutas!

Having a dental filling is off-the-scale more painful than getting a tat was. Maybe it was the location just above my breasts. I can see why people don’t stop at having one tattoo. Something changed when I changed my body. I can see myself getting more. Maybe face ink after I retire!

Another topic – we have our Solstice gathering coming up soon. C would like the topic for us to reflect on to be our hope for the future. What do we visualize as the best outcome for ourselves, for others, for the world, for the planet. Near future, far future. What is it for me?

The thought that arose as I wrote this last line is that I’d want to see hidden treasures that reveal spiritual truths to be unearthed in many places, many ways, but all close together in their revealing. The Buddhists have names for this. The christians and the other religions have their current holy books that talk about it too – but are not the last word on what will be revealed. The bible of the christians has the book of revelations, which is misinterpreted or interpreted in an unreal literal way. I think the writers of that particular section had limited ability to describe the social, psychological, spiritual changes that humans/souls would undergo during the age of transformation.

They did know how to describe things in ways that made sense to them at the time – concrete examples. So those things which they described as plagues, pestilence, fire, etc. were the concrete ways of describing something that was not entirely describable because of language limitations. Just like now – we lack the words or ability to see beyond the limitations of our language to describe what the future may be. We may have more understanding of the psychological and social possibilities because we have greater mobility and maybe our brains have matured a little thanks to science (another religion?!?). For the spiritual concepts, our language is still pretty limited. We put up barriers of fear – via “Otherness” that keeps us from delving deeper into our common spirit as humans (souls in human form). [I see that even my own naming of religions is biased] Spiritually, we are still back in the concrete conception stage, just like the writers were back when the book of revelation was being written (and later interpreted and reinterpreted – like a game of telephone).

The Buddhists have a name for those who reincarnate to be the discoverers of great spiritual treasures – the Tertons – who don’t uncover actual physical treasures necessarily, but spiritual truths through symbolism and writings, teachings. Padmasambhava was said to have hidden truths as treasures in many places, to be discovered by others when the time was right (I think this means “as needed.”)

Tertons have dreams and visions and are often visited by Dakinis, who know the treasures, where they are, and how the Tertons must reveal them. If I recall correctly from my readings and just thinking about it, these spiritual treasures aren’t revealed to the general public right away because they could be misinterpreted and might be used to control people instead of liberating them. They are shared with those that have been “initiated” into understanding their symbolism and spiritual meaning. I think someday in the future, when human souls have matured spiritually, they will be shared.

Or maybe they are being shared now – maybe these truths are layered like onions and we, the uninitiated and unpracticed, only see the outermost layer. As we individually or as a group mature in our spirits, the layers are revealed, and for those who work their way toward being Bodhisattvas (or already are), they see to the core, the center. [I think the Tibetans may use the lotus flower as an image of this and not an onion!] If the Buddhists use the lotus flower, then an infinite number of lotus petals are opening from the timeless beginning to endless time.

Open and open and open. The Tertons point us toward the lotus unfolding.

For Islam, are they the Sufis? For Judaism, are they the Kabbalists? That’s the only two I know a tiny bit about, but I’m sure there are others, some that those religions keep to themselves for now. We are not mature enough for so much truth.

I wonder if our desire to have “aliens” rescue us is our desire to go deeper into ourselves – which is alien to our self-awareness. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! Maybe not as strong as it once was, our belief that outer space aliens will save us from ourselves is really our desire for inner space aliens to save us. Inner space aliens – part of our psyche that is alien to our conscious mind – can save us!

But, we are not mature enough (as a whole, as humans) to see the abstract (?) truth about it. We need a “concrete” truth and that happens to be outer space aliens. So what might this say about the most current fixation with aliens as defined as “others not born in this country” – as many have obsessed about in the US, UK, Scandinavia, and other places? The more we push away the concrete example of “alien” are we getting closer to a thinly veiled abstract “other” that is our own spiritual maturation?

UGH! Words fail me!

We don’t understand, so we fear. That which we fear, we destroy. [I believe this is an American Indian saying and I don’t know who to attribute it to] Since we are so concrete in thought, we push away those we don’t understand. When we can’t push them away through words, we push them away through deeds – barriers like physical walls and fences, legal, social – all to make sure the “alien” doesn’t invade our spiritual space. But we can’t do this forever, though I bet some will try. The “alien” person is a stand-in for the more abstract inner alien of spiritual maturity (I think I’m losing my ability to clarify here, but I’ll keep trying).

If we fear a deeper understanding from a spiritual level because that would mean acknowledging change, we want to destroy what we fear. We fear change. We fear otherness because it indicates that the deep truth is we are no different from one another. If we destroy other, we destroy ourselves. We don’t want to destroy ourselves, because we are our “selves.” Destruction would mean change. [OK, I think this might be a tangent.]

We don’t want to know ourselves on a more abstract level because our world has always been concrete. If we move away from only concrete as we tend to be now, to abstract or maybe a combo of concrete and abstract, we have to change. Some who try to have power over other humans might feel this more intensely, and thus try to prevent others from grappling with the abstract knowledge of something profound, deeper in the lotus flower. War, otherness, ownership – all of these are distractions to the fact that we must mature. If we don’t, the planet, our Mother, is going to kick us out of the house!

If scientists’ predictions of a sixth massive extinction holds water – then we will know that Mother Earth has given us the boot. All souls will need to leave, as any souls just hanging out on the lawn will have to get off the property as well. We’ll need to grow up – whether on this planet or another – be it in the near future or far off – we need to mature.

We are on the verge of soul “adulthood” and that’s why there’s so much fear in the world. We are so close we can almost see it, hear it, taste it. We ridicule those who’ve already matured into spiritual adulthood. We don’t want to go there – we don’t want the responsibilities that come with adulthood. Responsibilities to care for and love each other, love our Mother. Love. period. We want an outer space alien race to force us to. We are even willing to get booted out of the house!

Blessings, Susan