Tough Tissues

I start out this entry by thanking the person who made a tough tissue (such as Kleenex, Puffs, etc.) because it doesn’t fall apart if I wash it with my jeans.

As long as it stays in my pocket. The minute it comes out, forget it. I’ll spend an enormous amount of time picking tiny shreds of tissue off everything. Jeesh.

I swear that I searched all five pockets of each pair of jeans I put in the washer – no tissues, no packet of nails (yes, I’ve washed nails and screws before), no coins, nothing. And yet… and YET… my jeans look like they’ve been spattered with bleach there are so many tiny flakes of tissue on them. Shake and pick. Shake and pick. Where did that tissue come from anyways?

If I’m lucky, an unidentified tissue will stay in my pocket. I dry it and voila! I have a usable tissue once again. I want to thank the makers of those tissues. The other type of tissue that I wish someone would make is one that completely dissolves when it hits the wash cycle. If I could have both types of tissues, life would be perfect.

I imagine myself writing a letter to the makers of the tissues because I am so happy when the tissue survives the wash cycle. I try to imagine what it might be like to receive such a letter like the one I’d write. Would it be read or tossed in the trash? Or read and tossed in the trash? Would it be laughed at and shared with employees? Would someone respond? Would it be used as proof that someone cares about the quality of a product?

Suddenly I want to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Know what I mean?

Blessings, S