Seeding the Yule Story for 2017

Worries still here! But I don’t have to make them into a storm. 🙂 Love finds a way, love always finds a way.

We have a Winter Solstice celebration coming up and our theme is imagining a future. So I needed to think of a story to tell to go with the theme. What came to mind is the story of Ragnarok. I don’t have all the details yet but basically I think of it as a story of the end of one world and the beginning of something new.

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok was to be the end of the world for the Norse gods and goddesses. But what they failed to think through was that the war at the end of the world was faced before – by the giants, who ruled a world before the gods (who were born of the giants). In this war, the gods are pretty much killed off but the goddesses survive. It is not their war. They stay out of it.

Perhaps they opposed them going to war, or whatever the case, the goddesses survived to make a new world because they had something else in mind. Maybe what they decided to do was take their time, figure out how to make things more equal, how everyone could participate, how everyone could be part of the work.

Then they waited. They waited til the time was right. Time to plant the seed in the morals, to seed what would be a better life. They waited because they needed time to consult with the animals, the plants, the trees, the rivers and oceans. They had to get the faerie folk to trust them again. The sprites, the elves, all of the other “-doms” (like kingdoms only less gender-specific). They knew the animals learned the things the humans needed to know a long time ago, so they had to plant the seeds in mortal thought so mortals would listen.

Thus, the seed of the story that I wrote for Winter Solstice. Read the final version.