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It’s All About Perspective

Twelfth day of the twelfth month. 12-12-17. 12×12=144; 12+12=24, anything numerological about it?

I haven’t slept well for several nights. I think it’s the stress. I need to get to walking again. I need those endorphins and my heart needs to pump! Closing in on a difficult time of year for walking on a regular basis as we can expect snow, ice, and the ever present winter darkness. I have ways to cope, but I still need time to cope with it.

It will all turn out fine. Repeat after me. It will all turn out fine!

So I am reading this book called Bringers of the Dawn. They present an idea that there are cosmic hierarchies that we have no idea of; that time is not bound by thought like here on Earth; what we call a year may be only a portion of a day for others (which sort of goes along with my hammer-relativism theory I talked about yesterday).

What this brings to mind is a thought I’ve carried with me for a long time (learned along the way from others) – what we experience as a human being is different than what a tree experiences, especially one that lives a long time (in human years). And at the other end of the time continuum, a May Fly that lives a single Earth day, still experiences a lifetime (to its own sense of time). To a May Fly, humans and trees might seem to live forever.

Space is related to time as well – an ant, given its proportional size to humans, can run/move at speeds that would astound us if an ant were the size of a human. It would break all the Olympic records for all time!

We make fun of snails and sloths and slugs for moving soooo slowly – at a snail’s pace. Snail mail. But to a snail or a slug, they are moving at the pace they move! They are living at a natural pace according to their perspective of life.

An oak, a Joshua Tree, a Methuselah Pine all “move” / experience time and space at their own pace. To humans, it appears they grow exceedingly slowly. To them, their activity – growth – is “normal” and they don’t experience their time as abnormal.

It is all about perspective.

Blessings, S

One Tree One Forest