Truth When You Can’t Prove It’s True

I think I mentioned before that I’m reading Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. It is one of her books written before Family of Light which was the first one I read. BotD has some interesting things to say. I just hope I’m not so gullible to just believe everything being written.

Then again, considering the subject matter, how would I test whether what’s said is the truth? I’m not far into the book, so perhaps they (the Pleidians) give some suggestions as to how to confirm what they say is true? This is a whole other realm of inquisition into the reality of things – that is, if I don’t have the psychic tools to distinguish spiritual truth from fiction, how could I possibly test things out? How do I displace doubt in my own ability to discern what I wish from what is the truth?

Maybe one way for me to handle this is to research and practice with the tools I know I have, that I don’t doubt I have. For example, I know how to meditate (though I’m out of practice). I  know that’s a tool I can use to help me drive off the chatter and listen to the small voice in the wilderness (of my brain). I know I have intuition and empathy – both are psychic / spiritual tools that I can develop more completely so that I can use them as tools for spiritual “research” too. Funny how our cultures’ strong belief in science influences how we talk about things. But having “proof” isn’t just a scientific principle, is it? Spirit and psyche need proofs as well, don’t they?

In the book, the P’s (Pleidians) talk about this “corner of the Universe (actually, I think they call it a sector)” is known as the “free will” sector. All expressions are “allowed,” all choices are allowed. So controlling influences have as much power as those who are not controlling. Controlling what? Controlling others. Controlling the power or energy of others. The way the P’s explain it is that energy bodies (entities) gain and use power/energy in ways different from our own. They explain it using an analogy of humans – Earthlings – consuming food as fuel. Fuel is energy that keeps humans alive and ok, that’s pretty understandable. They say that other entities have other sources of food. At this point, some humans might be scared that these entities might be into eating human flesh. Not so!

These other entities apparently live on energy generated by our emotions. The picture in my head is of an infrared device that can visually display heat coming from a living body. Well, maybe there are devices that can show the energy of emotion, like infrared does for heat. Maybe it is sophisticated enough to pick up on auras as generated by emotion. There could be entities that feed off strong emotion. If you look at the way some emotions generate physical manifestation – anger makes a person’s face turn red, fear might make a person’s skin look pale – then apply the scientific principle that energy can be transformed and that could explain how some entities could “eat” emotion.

Emotion is first a psychic energy that we transform into physical energy that we display on our faces or bodies. So these entities might take the emotional energy and transform it in their own “bodies” in order to remain alive in the Universe. We all eat energy, just different forms of it. A plant eats, an animal eats, a human eats. Then there are those other entities who also eat – and everybody eats something a little different.

And you wondered where all those emotions go? Now maybe we know.

I do have my skeptical hat on for the moment. I’ll read more and let you know what I think.

PS – It’s my mom’s 80th birthday! It would be interesting to do soul contract readings for all my family – if souls reincarnate together, I wonder what that would look like? That could be an interesting genealogy!

Blessings, S

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