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What Is This Dream of Escape?

I had a dream last night where I needed to remain hidden or incognito so I wasn’t captured.

This is a recurring theme in my dreams – being captured, escaping, and being on the run. But last night at least, there was no fear. It was more like a game and I was very powerful. I might get caught but I could always escape.

The dream involved men who were maybe from Mexico (?) – perhaps with Spanish and/or indigenous backgrounds. Not sure why. Maybe something I saw on TV or had been thinking about subconsciously. There was one curious thing – I dreamed I was able to… ?transcend? physical matter. I could send a person through physical matter. I should back up – in my dream we were trapped in a room and other “men” (?) were going to capture us. So I lifted one of the people with me up toward the ceiling and thought about him going through the ceiling to the next floor above us and he was gone. I did the same with the other person with me. But it was also like just their clothes going into the ceiling (one of those parts of dreams that doesn’t make logical sense). Then I think the capturers may have taken me, though I tried to escape. They chased me, maybe caught me and after that I don’t know what may have happened to me. Not sure the dream went any further.

Disclaimer – this next part may be a little too violent for some people. Be forewarned.

I had a dream awhile ago in which I was one of a number of women who were being killed by having a rock bashed against the back our skulls after we were taken out into the open area near a tree. I think it was some kind of ritual. That grossed me out because I saw holes in skulls laying around [before I was killed? not sure], so the ritual killing must have been going on for some time. I wrote down this dream some years back but it’s pretty obvious that it is still with me and I can recall so many of the details. My imagination is no doubt adding to the dream scene – the man performing the ritual dressed as a shaman or priest, etc. The killing wasn’t painful – more disgusting than anything else.

So why the dream about being chased, being able to help people go through physical matter, and why did I remember the other dream in association with last night’s dream? Hmm….

Blessings, S

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