A chameleon walking up a tree branch in a butterfly conservatory.

Skipping Rope Around the Net

Fact and factoid post alert! The following are more or less notes I made while skipping rope about the internet.
Hop-Tu-Naa (not to be confused with Hoptoad Tuna) is the ancient new year’s celebration on the Isle of Man and is Celtic in origin.

31 October is the nearest Gregorian calendar date. The Isle of Man New Year was known as Oie Houney. Which I like saying even though I am probably not even close to pronouncing it correctly. It reminds me of Hoi Polloi, another phrase I like saying, and which I thought was just another way of saying hoity-toity. After that it gets sort of complicated with who originally said what.

Just a couple of those interesting facts that deserves to be typed out in a blog.

“God” as a job title not a person or deity! Love it. This is from ThoughtCo.com, Do Pagans Believe in God? by Patti Wigington, 25/11/17. God as a job title! That is so funny-weird and cool. “God as a job title and not a proper name” is the direct quote. Some more interesting facts – pagans may differ from Wicca in beliefs and rituals. I did not know that. And apparently, there are people who identify as christian witches and practice magic within the framework of the christian religion. That must be a long and complicated history, given what happened to so many women (and men) who, accused of witchcraft, were tortured and killed at the hands of mainly the Roman catholic church (which I believe falls into the religious category of christianity). Funny, how so little notice is given to that genocide. Sort of like the genocide of people who lived in North and South America before the arrival of the Europeans, eh?

Wicca is a specific religion. There are different traditions of Wicca and each follows and honors the deities of that tradition. Pagans, on the other hand, follow an Earth- or nature-based belief system so there’s no deity.

“Wicca is not about believing, it is about experiencing – and thus not against science. Experience for yourself, you are expected to ask questions. Learn. Challenge the world – in the end what you come to know is what you believe. Challenge the Universe to reveal itself.” – Phyllis Curott at phylliscurott.com.

I really like what she said about challenging the Universe to reveal itself. I don’t think it is really too much of a challenge. In fact, it is sort of a challenge to ignore the Universe. Unfortunately, many people are up to that particular challenge. Doesn’t take much to see the ignorance in action…