Woman's image is repeated over and over in an infinity mirror

Am I Multidimensional? Most of the Me’s Agree

Some things may be starting to come together in my understanding of life. Ha! So funny to write that out!

Maybe I should be more specific. I am feeling my way around my thoughts about life, death and multiple dimensions. It is difficult of course to find words to match my feelings and thinking. The point is that perhaps if we are multidimensional beings that are simultaneously living out “lives,” then we are experiencing all things, all events, all life – all the time.

Since I’m not very good at multitasking (all things all the time…), my attention when I am bound to Earth-energy is on the physical, emotional, and mental body that is also Earth-bound. So my attention is on what is happening to me at this time-bound moment here on Earth.

But it could very well be that if I exist in multiple dimensions, or outside of “dimension” completely, then I could be paying close attention to life in that other dimension. I could be in some other galaxy thinking thoughts about the galaxy I’m in right now and wondering if I’m writing about my other dimensional experiences!

I feel like I’m looking in one of those infinity mirrors, where my image goes on for infinity. The “self” in the mirror remains the same but the “image” of self changes position as it appears to go on into infinity.

So now let’s take my fear of death – my ego thinks it is the only one in here (in this body). And, I guess, in this Earth-energy, it is the only consciousness I have. But it isn’t necessarily the only ego. I may have other egos in other lives in other dimensions. I’m just not aware of my own awareness in other dimensions [just so you know, I’m not high while I’m writing this although it may sound like it]. So when my Earth body dies, my Earth ego does too because it was only serving a purpose for this dimension – the Earth dimension.

Because I have multiple dimensions and multiple egos in those dimensions (I’m thinking one ego per dimension at this point), then I simply cannot die as my Earth ego would have me believe! Ok, maybe I don’t have multiple egos – just one consciousness – but my ego either needs to be the only one getting attention or thinks it is the only one. Maybe that’s what people learn to control when they become multidimensionally-aware. I still have to put some thought into what this means for emotions and the emotional body. I think the spiritual body is fully aware of what’s going on and has been trying to convey that to me. My soul is the energy, the life force, hmm…. what else to call it? My soul is the “dimension” in which all other dimensions exist? Still a lot to grapple with, obviously.

My point about my ego is that I (as ego) fear death as some kind of ending or closing. I don’t want to be forgotten. That’s ego. But ego is just a tool in this dimension OR ego doesn’t know that there are other dimensions in which it exists. The soul knows this but ego doesn’t. So there’s no need to fear death. “I” live on in other dimensions.

At some point I also hope to write down my feelings about understanding other beings (friends, family) as dimensions too – dimensions of my “self” or my soul. Some spiritual literature talks about this aspect.

Again – I have a crumb of a speck of a morsel of an idea. Writing it out might help.

Right now, in this dimension though, I need to take Polly for a walk and, unfortunately, remove the fish who is now a dead body in this dimension – the fish tank. I’ll miss her, but I’ll still enjoy her in some other dimension! Maybe I’m HER pet fish!  🙂

Blessings, S

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Photo credit: Hart, T. (2006) Mirror Mirror. Via flickr.com. CC BY-SA 2.0