Beginning in November, 2017, I began a journal after I had my soul contract interpreted. I didn’t know what a soul contract was but had a friend who was helping another friend become self-sufficient in metaphysical work. So I decided, with a little money I had saved up, to have a reading by Sarah.

What was uncovered based on my birth name was eye-opening and continues to change my life in many ways. There were things I had felt for most of my life but could never quite see clearly. There were things that were astonishing and inspiring. Because of the changes I was going through and to keep myself committed to growing, I decided that writing a journal was the best choice for me. I’d kept journals in the past but never dug very deeply into my psyche and put it on paper. This time, however, I began to see how valuable it would be to go a bit deeper, to explore more light and dark places within me. Daily, or nearly daily, I’ve recorded my thoughts and feelings about my spiritual journey.

This blog is the digital version of my inked journal about the path I am on. Part of what I heard during my soul contract reading was that I needed to share spiritual truths, that my life this time around was about helping others find their light. In this time we live in, I see how important it is that we have as many people awake and being a light in the world as possible. There are so many ways to do it and I believe I’ve found a way for me. This blog may not last forever, but my soul will, and anything I can do to fulfill that sacred contract, I will do. If any of it rings true for you, I hope you will begin your own journey. We need you!

There are many resources on the web about soul contracts and readings. If you are interested in finding out more, make sure to have corroboration between your sources because there are a lot of people who are trying to take advantage of anyone who is seeking the light. Pity that they’ve chosen that path. They are collecting karma they will likely need to work through for many lives to come. My advice – listen to your soul because your soul knows the truth and will always turn toward love.

May you have peace, find your light and know that love surrounds you.


Note: all photos except those used under Creative Commons license (and attributed) are my own.