Dec 2017

These are the entries for December 2017, conveniently located in one place!

1-12-17: Do Do Makes Me a Dodo

4-12-17: Putting Myself Out There and Resisting It

5-12-17: Showing My Worry-Wort Side

6-12-17: Seeding the Yule Story for 2017

7-12-17: Thinking About a Path To Take

9-12-17: Physical Connections to Higher Realms?

11-12-17: Question of the Soul

12-12-17: It’s All About Perspective

13-12-17: Truth When You Can’t Prove It’s True

14-12-17: Are We Being Controlled?

18-12-17: Dreams And Virtual Reality for Emotions

19-12-17: When A Book Falls Down

20-12-17: What Is This Dream of Escape?

22-12-17: Contemplating Multi-di Possibilities

23-12-17: Gathering for Yule 2017

24-12-17: Skipping Rope Around the Net

25-12-17: Still Searching…

26-12-17: Am I Multidimensional? Most of the Me’s Agree

27-12-17: The Idea of Sum Consciousness

28-12-17: Frank and Electromagnetism

29-12-17: Creation and Hierarchy of Needs

30-12-18: Whether We Are Alone In the Universe, We Still Need to Love the Earth

31-12-18: Feeding Myself or Feeding Addiction?