Nov 2017

These are the journal entries for the beginning of my spiritual journey, which has been going on all my life, but I decided to put more of it into writing starting in November, 2017.

10-11-17: New Journal New Journey

11-11-17: Soul Symbols

12-11-17: Free Association For Your Reading Pleasure

15-11-17: Choosing BE Over DO

16-11-17: Wasting Time or Ruminating?

17-11-17: One Tree One Forest

18-11-17: The Sound of Intuition

19-11-17: Random Symbols

20-11-17: Living On Borrowed Land

23-11-17: Not Much Today Writing-wise

24-11-17: WTF Am I Doing Writing a Blog?

25-11-17: Tertons and Treasure

26-11-17: When It Doesn’t Fit

27-11-17: Feeling For, But Not Doing For, Others

28-11-17: Finding Time for Writing and Being

29-11-17: Tough Tissues