Journal Entry: 18 November 2017

Illustration of a raven in profile showing the head and neck
Corvus Corax

The three-legged sun crow

“Listen to your intuition and receive a message from the world of spirit” (Green, 2005)

Last night I decided to draw an Animal Spirit card from a deck I possess. I asked that an animal ally be shown to me. It was Raven. Raven came forward as my ally in this part of my life.

Physically, ravens are found mostly in western US, crows are pretty much found in the eastern US. From a spirit standpoint, Crow and Raven have overlapping spirit meaning. So while we don’t get to see ravens much, crows are ubiquitous and present the range of spiritual energies attributed to both.

As you can see by the message coming from Raven, my ally, it is saying to listen to my intuition to receive a message from the world of spirit. OMG. That’s the message I was also getting from Sarah’s reading – that I have strong intuition, strong spirit talent in the area of intuition. This made me open eyes until they were almost bulging out of their sockets. Use my intuition. Thank you, Raven!

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Quotation – Green, S. Animal Messages: Seek Inspiration from your Animal Guides. New York: Cico Books. 2005. Illustration by Pasztor, C., same title.



Journal Entry: 17 November 2017

I’veHandwritten journal sketch of One Tree One Forest which looks like the trunk of a tree selected a title for a blog that I hope to be writing as a way of sharing with the world my views on life, nature, and truth. Propagating spiritual truths as I see them. However, I have to try hard to not try too hard!

One Tree One Forest

What do I mean by one tree, one forest exactly? Well “exactly” is probably not going to work. I don’t want it to be overtaken by christian symbolism, which of course, are actually ancient women’s or Earth-loving symbols for nature, Wicca, Druids, etc.

One Tree >> understanding self

One Forest >> understanding our selves – all of us – all beings – all life

One tree
One blade of grass
One human
A field of grass
A forest
A species
One planet
Our only planet
One truth
One soul
One journey
Our journey

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Journal Entry: 16 November 2017

A bald eagle faces away from the camera, sits high in a leafless tree in late winter
Bald eagle keeps her eyes on the prize unlike me

So this morning, I futzed around on my phone, looking at things to buy from Amazon. Ugh, I hate when I do that! My plan was to write in this journal when I got up, have some tea, and start my day. I want to get plants for the fish tank because I think the fish need live plants plus I think it would look nice. So I just thought I’d spend a few minutes looking at Amazon.

Wrongo! What did I end up with? Tea. Yes, I know I needed to order some soon since it takes a month to get here from the UK. That’s not the point.

I WASTED an hour looking at stuff on Amazon. Now I’m in a time pinch because it is really past time I got ready to walk Polly. She suffers because of my bad habits.

So enough wasting time talking about wasting time.

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Journal Entry: 15 November 2017

Note: no entries for 12 – 14 November 2017.

A river is shrouded in fog, some plants are visible in the foreground but trees on the far shore fade to nothingHere’s a problem that everyone seems to have and I have it too: No time. I feel like I have no time. Which is sort of the opposite of being in the Now; being present. I think about how much I have to do – want to do – I  think getting up at 5:30 am is not early enough. I’ve not touched my story since the end of October and if I don’t go back to it, I’ll lose it forever. I’ve abandoned my characters and they will walk away to find another story teller.

Since I got my soul reading back from Sarah, I’ve felt the urge to write both in this journal and in a much more shareable way such as a blog. Sharing is a key element of the reading. So maybe not blogging, but I still need to think about how to allow the universe, spiritual ideas, intuition to manifest in a way that I’m sharing them. What occurs to me – planted as a thought by a guiding spirit? Is to trust that it will come. That’s because as I’m writing this, the thought that I don’t want ego to take over, is occurring at the same time. How do I accomplish my spiritual goals without ego taking over? I realize I’m very ego-driven – that’s where the “do, do, do” comes in.

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Journal Entry: 12 November 2017

Note: this entry starts out stating it is free association, and it really is free in many respects. When I wrote it, it was a big block of ink, which makes for pretty difficult reading onscreen.

Free association of what happens when I ask myself “What is spiritual truth? What are spiritual Truths (plural)? What do I believe to be true?”

White pine needles covered in light snowImpermanence – everything changes. There is such a thing as a soul. Everything alive dies, everything that dies lives on. The soul lives forever. Every being has a soul, maybe ALL things have souls. Every person, animal, bacteria… changes; our one constant is change. We only perceive of things being “solid” but it is only our mind’s conditioning that takes us there. The infinite universe is made up of particles, or entities, that are both larger and smaller than our imagination. Horton Hears a Who [by Dr. Seuss] – contains a profound message, or maybe several profound messages.

Who am I? I am a soul occupying a human body, having experiences. Why must a soul have experiences? To learn, to become wise, to ??? what? Return to a state of wholeness, completeness. But a soul is already complete, isn’t it? Are we angels? We are stardust really, literally, we are made of stars. But where did the stars come from? How and what are/were they made of? Energy. Does energy have a “goal” – to become whole or move toward goodness? Does the outward movement of all celestial bodies (aka the Big Bang) have something to do with it – it was once whole, then “exploded” outward and it is now trying to come back together? But where did it all originate?? Infinity is not something easily explained, or labeled or even named. We are bound by a culture of time – our little box, so we don’t feel alone or scared or something.

Sort of off the track here – ? – Maybe, maybe not – all thoughts are connected.
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Journal Entry: 11 November 2017

Note: I’m adding this November journal entry in April 2018, and I see now the auspiciousness of 11-11, but I did not consciously know about it in November 2017. Though when I look at what I wrote, I think the seeds were there….

onetreejournalI have a paper copy of my chart printed. The soul contract, based on numbers, connected to universal meanings behind numbers, is a bit of a mystery to me.

Different than other interpretative methods I’ve been exposed to, but it also has some symbols, some of which are like other symbols I’ve seen. Symbols feel more familiar to me than numbers. I’m sure that both the numbers and symbols contain a sacred geometry that I don’t yet know.

So here are some of the associations I’ve made with the symbols in my soul contract chart:

    • part of a hexagon shape and interconnected border = patterns and connectedness
    • a seed coming to life
    • mystery to be explored; deep seat of the soul
    • structure; sacred patterns repeat
    • free flow; let go
    • things come around but are never the same

These all appear with number associations and within the double triangle, often called the Star of David.

Note: The next two pages in the journal are free-association of information while listening to the recording Sarah made. It would be difficult to put any of it down here because sometimes it is a word written sideways or arrows running between two thoughts, etc. So I won’t be adding those pages at this time.

Third page:
Sound blessing associated with my reading contained ho-ho-ho as part of the light language of the sound blessing [not like Santa Claus, more of an outpouring of breath]. I believe I’ve heard/seen this in Buddhist prayers or invocations as well. Since Buddhist prayers/mantras work with vibration, this makes sense that it might also show up in other places – it’s all connected. Another sound – ah-sah-sah > might be in Buddhist mantras too. Also listening to the whole of it made me think of Native American language or chanting. As far as I know, there’s a strong physical/genetic connection between tribes of the US (North American) and people in Tibet.

End of entry

Journal Entry: 10 November 2017

A single leaf sits among the others fallen to the groundThis is a new journal I’ve decided to start after my reading by Sarah. I know I’ve started many journals and have left half-full journals laying around, waiting for more writing. This journal may be the same. Or, I may also have inspiration like I feel right now, so there’s perhaps more than one being flowing through me. I’m not saying I’ll be contacting ghosts or other dimensional beings – though I’m not completely ruling that out – but I am suggesting, maybe to myself more than anyone else that I have the ability to tap into the larger “truth” through “spirit” and that the Universe is so so so so much bigger than we’ve imagined, that just maybe this universal, larger spirit will also flow out of my head, my hand and onto these pages.

So I begin this journal listening to the recording Sarah made for me after reading my chart. My chart comes from a type of spiritual interpretation of my soul contract. My soul contract is what I’ve decided to have as goals for this lifetime and the karma I am attempting to overcome. The interpretation is based on an ancient connection between language – in the form of letters, namely a person’s name – and associated numbers, which are universal [even in our limited interpretation of universal]. Numbers serve as “seed” or core…. sounds? entities? thoughts? I don’t know what to call them yet. Maybe eventually I will be able to say what they are. Maybe I’ll help myself this way – numbers are the primal “feelings” of the universe or of spirit. Manifestation. They are seeds that manifest. OK, I’ll let that ride for awhile. [smiley face]

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