Journal Entry: 26 December 2017

Some things may be starting to come together in my understanding of life.

Ha! So funny to write that out!

Maybe I should be more specific. I am feeling my way around my thoughts about life, death and multiple dimensions. It is difficult of course to find words to match my feelings and thinking. The point is that perhaps if we are multidimensional beings that are simultaneously living out “lives,” then we are experiencing all things, all events, all life – all the time.

Since I’m not very good at multitasking (all things all the time…), my attention when I am bound to Earth-energy is on the physical, emotional, and mental body that is also Earth-bound. So my attention is on what is happening to me at this time-bound moment here on Earth.

But it could very well be that if I exist in multiple dimensions, or outside of “dimension” completely, then I could be paying close attention to life in that other dimension. I could be in some other galaxy thinking thoughts about the galaxy I’m in right now and wondering if I’m writing about my other dimensional experiences!

Woman's image is repeated over and over in an infinity mirror
This is an example of an infinity mirror. This is not me, this is a woman named Tanya Hart. Her flickr photo is Mirror Mirror, CC BY-SA 2.0

I feel like I’m looking in one of those infinity mirrors, where my image goes on for infinity. The “self” in the mirror remains the same but the “image” of self changes position as it appears to go on into infinity.

So now let’s take my fear of death – my ego thinks it is the only one in here (in this body). And, I guess, in this Earth-energy, it is the only consciousness I have. But it isn’t necessarily the only ego. I may have other egos in other lives in other dimensions. I’m just not aware of my own awareness in other dimensions [just so you know, I’m not high while I’m writing this although it may sound like it]. So when my Earth body dies, my Earth ego does too because it was only serving a purpose for this dimension – the Earth dimension.

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Journal Entry: 22 December 2017

decorative imageI didn’t have a big wicca-based ceremony for Yule yesterday but I did thank the trees, particularly in the grove in the park we frequent. Just their proximity to each other made me think of a coven and so I thanked the trees, the animals, the beings living among the trees, and the spirits unseen. It was a nice sunny day and I was cognizant of the long shadows as the Earth was at the peak of her tilt away from the sun.

Then I went home and lit the memory candle for those who are no longer with us in physical form. I made some homemade bread which we had with spaghetti and meatless meatballs for dinner. It was nice to sit with C and think about Solstice. We also drank a toast to the Yule. So while we didn’t do any big rituals, we did remember to honor the spirit of the day and to have gratitude for all those beings around us.

This leads to a thought I had which is sort of a mixture of Buddhist and Spirit-Age thought. Buddhists believe that we immediately return to the Wheel of Existence unless we are aware enough, and have meditated enough, that we can control our incarnations. So, if we immediately go back on the Wheel and if we look at the writings of Spiritualists who say that we as souls might stick around as helping spirits, we may see there is a dichotomy in thinking – Buddhists would say under most circumstances we reincarnate without any time as helpful spirit beings, while the Spiritualists say we have more control than this – more free will in the nonphysical world.

Why can’t both be true IF we consider the idea of multiple dimensions?

If we exist in multiple dimensions, we can and/or will incarnate immediately AND we will stick around because all possibilities are possible and probable.

So right now, I am dying as an old person in some dimension, I am being born in another dimension. Perhaps I am giving birth to myself in yet another dimension. Why not? We have analogies for this even in our time-bound dimension – we change to be a “new” person as we grow, as we breathe even! We are born anew in each moment. An in-breath changes me from who I was on my last out-breath. Cells within me die, others are created in flashes of instants. On another scale, we advance spiritually – we grow in spirit – and each new incarnation is a new, more mature spirit form. And in becoming, do we not birth ourselves?

Some bumper sticker thoughts:
Choose love over fear
The opposite of love is not hate but fear (the Dalai Lama?)
You have free will – choose love over fear

Happy Winter Solstice to all. The light returns to warm us once again!

Blessings, S

One Tree One Forest

PS – I’ve decided to stop reading the P’s book. It could very well be that the editor just did a sloppy job putting the book together, but there are inconsistencies that really throw me off. Plus, I scanned some other pages and they talk a lot about hetero sex, which I am definitely not into in the slightest. Time to let the book go. I’ll put it in some book sale and maybe someone else will get some ideas from it. Hopefully, good ideas.