Journal Entry: 8 December 2017

Mythos -> Myos -> Truth. That’s the original meaning of myth. So here we are part of a great myth that extends eons. On other worlds, or perhaps on this one, they will look at our times to see what part we played in the story, the legend, the myth (ok, I took that last bit from Lord of the Rings).

Note: What followed was another draft of the story I would share at Winter Solstice.

Personal Myth 64: I am good at math

This is how bad I am at math. I should clarify – how bad I am at simple math, not calculus or some other professional-level mathematizing (yes, dear spell-checker, I know that’s probably not a word).

Ok, so back to my math problem. I am so bad at math that when I get one thing right, I think to myself, “Hmm. Maybe I’m good at math after all.” Not considering that the balance of the good math/bad math examples in my life is pretty skewed toward more bad examples than good.

Take two examples from the previous week. I had to figure out how to add two fractions for determining the length of quarter-round I needed for a room remodeling we are doing. Truthfully, my tape measure is marked in a way that is very helpful with eighths and sixteenths and whatnot, so I could add 13 and 3/8 with 28 and 5/16 in my head and the quarter-round fit nicely. I’m good at math!

However, I know it is easier for me to picture fractions in my mind than multiplying numbers together on paper. As proof, my second exercise in math was trying to figure out 36 multiplied by 36. I did it on paper, got an answer and then decided I should probably double-check the answer using the calculator on my phone. I was off by about 1,000. Don’t ask me how. I’m bad at math.

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