From Jumping into a Pool to Jumping into an Ocean

Water droplets collect at the tips of pine needles, ready to drop.
Dew drops are oceans waiting to happen.

In my first post in November 2017, I wrote about how scared I was when jumping into our once-upon-a-time swimming pool. I was using it as an analogy about writing a blog. Now I’m looking to jump into a much bigger and reliably scarier body – a whole ocean of myself – as I share my journey through excerpts of my inked (hand-written) journal about the spiritual path that I’m on.

Some of my writing will seem naive, corny, or ignorant. But I am putting it out there in case there’s something insightful for someone reading it. Truth is though, I don’t know how you’ll react – that’s up to you. You may get upset because my views contradict your views on a whole variety of subjects. I don’t know if it is a good use of your time reading something that upsets you a great deal, so I wish you well in finding what may suit you better. Or, you could stick with me a little while and see what happens.

Because something wonderful is always about to happen.

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