Journal Entry: 19 December 2017

So if a creator being made me in her likeness, then I too am a creator being. I can make a world, inhabitants, myself. I am a creator being, made from the Prime Creator.

This is the thought I had this morning. Still having cognitive issues with the idea of a “Prime Creator” as they’ve (the Pleidians) have suggested in their book. Everything I currently believe rails against the idea of a single entity and yet, can I truly grasp the concept of a consciousness as that which is beyond our planet, galaxy, universe and multiverse? I want to believe it is feminine power.

Here’s where the book falls down for me – at one point the Pleidians (the P’s, I call them) talk about the unity of “male logic” with “female feeling” and this seems incredibly outdated to me. Even back in the early 1990’s when the book was written, it seems an outdated way of talking about power. Could it be that the person channeling and the person editing had no other way of bringing across these concepts? Or is it MY mind that interprets this in a particular way?

Maybe my cultural overlay is so strong that when I read the words “male logic” and “female feeling,” I associated it with this dichotomy that not only pits one type of energy against another, but also ascribes certain traits to only one type of being or another. Also males have feelings and all females have logic. So why not describe it as dominant and non-dominant traits that beings of planet Earth have? Have we, as energetic beings, advanced enough (since the printing of the book in 1992) to have redefined this?

It is like the left/right brain idea which has now been shown to be a concept that doesn’t hold water? I don’t know about this book – I’m still skeptical about it. I’m trying to keep an open mind because maybe the words they use are like a bad translation – they don’t always fit quite right.

For example, the idea that if we evolve into 4-D beings, we can then be “used.” Can this be right? The word “used” is what triggered skepticism in me – we can be “used” as the conduit to get to the (special) library. For some other beings to get to the library. Again, I must say that because these concepts challenge my current knowledge of the world AND because language is limited, I may not be interpreting things correctly or as they were meant. I have limits – cognitive, cultural, emotional, spiritual.

So I think it is ok to be skeptical and to be on guard for beings that might take advantage, but I also want to remain open to things that I cannot currently comprehend on any level. Just like being a child has limits on all those dimensions – cognitive, spiritual, etc. I may need some time for things to settle, for my being to mature, for new knowledge to fit like puzzle pieces into a larger picture. Like a really, really, really big picture.

Blessings, S

One Tree One Forest

Journal Entry: 14 December 2017

So we are on our way back from MI and at the Holiday Inn Express. I have a little time to write in this journal. As you know, I’m reading Bringers of the Dawn. Some of it I am highly suspicious of – at least the way it is worded. I don’t want to be manipulated by someone channeling beings who say we are manipulated – that would be an unkind cosmic joke if you ask me.

My rational mind is having a really hard time grasping things so perhaps my emotional body/mind will chew it some more before seeing if I feel it is real. The P’s are saying (in the book) that each one of us can discern who is light-giving and who the deceivers/controllers are. I want to think about this.

I can believe that we are being controlled, it is pretty much evident here on Earth that there are plenty of people (supposedly people) who do it. But I have to give my spirit and mind time to expand into awareness that there are unseen others also calling the shots.

Also, I’m having a lot of difficulty with this aspect they call the “Prime Creator” – so far they’ve made it seem like an entity controlling other entities, who are controlling planets, galaxies, universes, etc. A consciousness. Using the word “creator” in this culture denotes a male being. If I am to think this through, I would need to get past this point of a “Prime Creator” and as it being a he. Hard to break old thought patterns when they are constantly reinforced in the culture. Maybe that’s all part of the control, the “Plan” of the creator entities who were themselves created. I just need to feel it to believe it. My cognitive and psychic tools are pretty weak when it comes to this stuff, but not entirely useless. Something in me is saying to be skeptical.

Blessings, S

One Tree One Forest