Journal Entry: 25 December 2017

So I was looking through the choice of books by Christine Downing in the Pacifica Institute online bookstore after having heard her interviewed in the podcast, Mythosophia. I had the realization that I’ve been searching for some author to give me clues as to myself! Something to connect me to what I’m able to learn about me by being with me. All the goddesses, all the myths, all the desire to understand spirit and spiritual truth – it can all be found inside. Or, at least, that’s what they tell me.

Carolyn Myss wrote an essay on writing about spiritual truths from her perspective. She shared this on her website. There are twelve of what she considers the “Greatest Spiritual Truths.” I won’t add them to this post because I think that might be a violation of copyright [I wrote them in my journal for my use] and I think it is good to review them if you’ve not read them before.

This is one of the first times I’ve read Carolyn Myss’ writing. It is very to the point, which feels like my head after I brush my hair upside down. She has helped an enormous number of people and is one of the bringers of light and love.

Read her for yourself.

Journal Entry: 4 December 2017

decorative textMonday morning. Well, my spasmodic back is getting better thanks to acupuncture and the wonderful acupuncturist I see. On Thursday and Friday, I could barely walk and had trouble sitting in a chair at my desk. So I took two days off of work. I don’t like to take too much time because it subtracts from the time I have for vacation. But I couldn’t work – I could not concentrate. Maybe I didn’t want to work?? I’m not totally dismissing that idea.

So there is one other reason to write this morning. I’ve been thinking about how I need to be braver and really put myself out there more. In terms of saying more closely what I’m thinking but also thinking more deeply in spirit (just want to add here that I don’t identify with Christianity or any monotheism. Spirit – in my use of the word means that which is not of the primarily physical). I wish to be brave, to face my fears of being disliked, ignored, ridiculed, shamed, etc. If other souls need me, I need to be brave for them. My big fear is that I’ll get it wrong. Well, beside all my other fears. But if I medicate – uh, that was a funny typo – I mean meditate, practice, write, move ego to the side, maybe I’ll be of use. I must believe. I must believe in greater and in beyond. As in beyond my self, greater than myself.

Journal Entry: 25 November 2017

Note: this is a long read.

View of a river where ice is beginning to build up to one side.First tattoo. Ever. Did not hurt so much – I mean, I’ve had mammograms that were more painful! Granted, they were small. The tattoo figures. It only took the tattoo artist – Jess – about twenty minutes to complete. Taken from two ancient drawings on pot shards of Earth- and Goddess-worshipping Eastern Europeans. One is a leaping dog, the other likely a running lion, don’t know for sure…. Thank you, Marja Gimbutas!

Having a dental filling is off-the-scale more painful than getting a tat was. Maybe it was the location just above my breasts. I can see why people don’t stop at having one tattoo. Something changed when I changed my body. I can see myself getting more. Maybe face ink after I retire!

Another topic – we have our Solstice gathering coming up soon. C would like the topic for us to reflect on to be our hope for the future. What do we visualize as the best outcome for ourselves, for others, for the world, for the planet. Near future, far future. What is it for me?

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From Jumping into a Pool to Jumping into an Ocean

Water droplets collect at the tips of pine needles, ready to drop.
Dew drops are oceans waiting to happen.

In my first post in November 2017, I wrote about how scared I was when jumping into our once-upon-a-time swimming pool. I was using it as an analogy about writing a blog. Now I’m looking to jump into a much bigger and reliably scarier body – a whole ocean of myself – as I share my journey through excerpts of my inked (hand-written) journal about the spiritual path that I’m on.

Some of my writing will seem naive, corny, or ignorant. But I am putting it out there in case there’s something insightful for someone reading it. Truth is though, I don’t know how you’ll react – that’s up to you. You may get upset because my views contradict your views on a whole variety of subjects. I don’t know if it is a good use of your time reading something that upsets you a great deal, so I wish you well in finding what may suit you better. Or, you could stick with me a little while and see what happens.

Because something wonderful is always about to happen.

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