Journal Entry: 7 December 2017

decorative imageWhile I was having acupuncture yesterday, I was thinking about what I wrote in the morning (6 December). The writing I think I could use as a story for Solstice. I feel something good inside when I think about what I wrote.

What I’m attempting to do is identify the “it” of why I’m here on the planet at this time. But I also don’t want to jump to conclusions, or falsely believe that I should continue to follow this path. One thing I remember from my soul contact reading is that S said that once I began fulfilling my contract for this lifetime and using my spirit talents, it would feel good, it would feel like it flows. Well, writing what I did yesterday – using an existing myth and pulling it in to these times feels good. It feels satisfying. Maybe because it is that time of year when the xmas stuff is being pushed heavily upon us, I feel like following this path is liked opening a present. Like I’ve been given a gift and now I get to open it! It is exciting anticipating what it might be.

I wonder if this might be the path to take? Could this path allow me to share my talents? Help others find theirs? One of the things that’s left as a question after my reading is – what is a spiritual truth? What or how will I know it? How do I talk about it? How do I share it? And then how do I not place expectations upon others to do something with it?

I’ve already decided that I need to write my blog posts as if I were the only one seeing them, or maybe a group of friends seeing them. Maybe I just need to write without expectation. Just write what’s coming to mind, no matter how I think it looks to others. Let the Universe take care of the rest.

Just a note to address later – several times now I’ve awakened in the night when someone calls out my name. Often it is a male voice. I also see glimpses of things out the corners of my eyes. It could be that these new, bigger glasses I’m wearing reflect more of what’s going on behind me. But I know that there are occasions when there’s nothing moving behind me! I’ll have to keep tabs on all of this. It doesn’t weird me out, just makes me curious.

Blessings, S

Reminder: I am willing to create my reality.

Journal Entry: 28 November 2017

decorative imageI miss not writing the scifi story I was writing before I began this journal, this journey. I suppose I could fit in both, I just have to figure out how. I’m afraid if I let the story go without attention for too long, the characters will leave me. They’ll abandon the story, just as I have (don’t want to!) and the idea will die out. A couple of things come to mind about writing:

  • I love writing
  • I like writing that story, it was challenging and imaginative
  • I like thinking about it
  • I like myself when I stick with projects
  • I like journaling too

Completing my soul contract and writing my scifi story don’t seem very compatible at the moment. I could probably do it, if I could just figure a way to write both “ways” and blog, work, eat, sleep, be with C and our four-legged children and pet fish. For eight out of twenty-four hours, I need to sleep, although I’m doing seven to seven and a half hours now and can get up fine in the morning. I think, though, that I probably need more or depression will easily overcome me. Work takes up another eight hours in a block of time, five days a week. So let’s say that adds up to sixteen hours needed, which means I have eight hours left. Out of that, I walk Polly, prepare and eat meals, spend time with C. Then there’s exercise. Forget it. Not enough time for everything. Isn’t that everyone’s lament?

Maybe I should think of it more in terms of a week at a time. Breaking it down on paper, I could squeeze out three and a half hours per day or twenty-five hours per week for doing the following: Write fiction, journal, blog… wait! I have a loved one who I want to spend time with too! So if I carve out two and a half hours watching TV at night as an activity (not our only activity but a fairly regular enjoyable one), that leaves me with an hour to write. Well, an hour is an hour!

But of course…

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